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Membership Plans

There are three different membership levels to the VetNOW platform, Vet-to-Specialist, Individual and Clinic.  Here is what each means:


This gives an individual veterinarian access to the VetNOW platform to reach out to one of our specialists for a consult on a pay-as-you-go basis.

A Vet-to-Specialist subscription does not give you the ability to work with your patients on a virtual basis.

The pricing for specialist consultation is higher than the pricing for Individual or Client Account subscriptions.

Individual Member

This level of membership gives a single veterinarian in a practice access to the full VetNOW platform for a monthly fee of $125 with additional costs per specialist consultation.

An Individual Member subscription provides the ability to perform virtual consultations between you and your clients (at home or anywhere), and grants you access to our VetNOW specialist consultations. This membership also carries 24/7 IT/tech support and marketing support for your hospital’s virtual care visits.

Individual Member subscriptions get discounted specialist consultation costs. See rates below.

Clinic Account

A clinic account has the same features and benefits as the Individual Member subscription but allows ALL of the Veterinarians in a practice to use the VetNOW platform.

The pricing for the Clinic Account is scaled to meet the needs of multi-veterinarian practices. Please contact us at to discuss your clinic's specifics so we can determine the amount of the discount we can provide.

Clinic Accounts get discounted specialist consultation costs. See the rates below.

Specialist Consultation Rates

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